Amisos Towers

The new favorite of Samsunis our modern buildings rising on Amisos Hills.

Sea and city view is very breathtaking and clean airof nature will open your breath.

Robuts technical infrostructure and quality workship by our Project offer you a new life and every tone of green and blue to live four seasons , relax your life.

Look over from Aminos Hill to city.

Within the possibilities of innonative architecture with many social life subsets, a new

Comfortable lifestyle is waiting  you.

In this Project; you will feel the comfort and aesthetic of modern building.

Our main goal is make you happy.

Your  family and loved ones live with you and you will feel privilege.

Healty lifestyle is waiting you.

Beside abundant oxygen in nature and healty environmenet , check out your form with sport  activities.

We promise that more healty life with thanks to the sport fields

Your children be happy and you are comfortable .

With children playgrounds and green fields are you feel privilege.

Your children dont understand hao time passed  in outdoor.

Your children play a game with confidence and peace.

And you will to be  comfortable and enjoy your time.

You have to create the future for your kids.

To  parking for every family

 In central city, you dont  live problem car parking.

We create life spaces for you.

You dont live problem car parking with wide parking spaces



200m2 4+1 luxury apartments

Indoor and outdoor parking

Modern architectural, interior architecture

Smart building technological

Gym (Fitness..)

Indoor swimming pool


Gren camelias


Compliance with earthquake regulation

In apartments; sound and heat insulated

Extarior thermal insulation

In every floor ; fire cabinet and fire escape

Natural gas complitable heating system

Green spaces and general lighting system

Centralized booster system

Digital broadcast, tv subsystem

Wifi internet subsystem and phone line

In every room, tv units

Full capacity shelter

Double elevator

Patient elevator

Steel security door

Inside room door has decorative furniture coating

Inbathroom ,Turkish Bath(Turkish Hamam)

In every apartments have night light system

Room floor laminate coating

Inbathroom moisture resistant suspending ceiling

Video intercom system.

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