Coral Site

Coral Site

General features of the buildins

Resistant to earthquake building foundation engineering

Waterproofing of foundation and partition wall.

İndependent inter-unit’s have  sound insulation

Pvc joirney’s Heat insulated

Synergy heat glass

 Emercency lighting in common areas of aparments

Decorative switch socket and lighting elements

Intercom system with digitally colored and looking

Fiberobtics substructure for internet and satellite broadcast

Combi heating system for each apartment

Mailbox and bulletin board for each independent section.

1st class marble and granite coating and aluminum railing on building common

Staircase areas concrete carrier.

1st class marble or porcelain ceramic coating on floor halls

Gypsum panel, ceiling floor and lighting tapes, spots and leds in building entrance.

Air-conditioned , fire alarm,1st class elevator

1st class quality laminate flooring in-room salon and rooms in apartment

1st class seramic coating, entree , hall, kitchen,bathroom’s floor  and walls in


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